MiaModa Viva/Viva Supreme Child Restraint Mfg. by Lerado

The harness splitter plate, which is located on the rear of the seat, has sharp edges that can cut the seat's harness. The base also could crack in a crash. If a crash were to occur, a child wouldn't be adequately restrained and could be injured or killed. The recall affects model Nos. 5000, 5001, 5050, 5051, 5070, 5071, 5080 and 5081.

This website will help you determine if you have a child restraint that is affected, and enable you to register.

Call 1-877-546-8437 for help at any time.

The announcement is a PDF file and requires the Adobe® Reader® to open and view.

Affected Items:

5000 (seat)
5001 (base)
5050 (seat)
5051 (base)
5070 (seat)
5071 (base)
5080 (seat)
5081 (base)

Affected Item

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